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It seems I only care about one dial, but the step dial is what I love the most. Omega should return the step dial to sinn replica Professional models. The orange elements are great!

Do you feel this rare reference is undervalued considering its rarity?

The sinn replica Ultraman was for a long time a mystery. It was actually me that I remember seeing people add an orange hand to their sinn replica Ultraman because they thought it looked great.swiss replica watches We know that the original sinn replica was limited in quantity and shipped worldwide. The creator of Ultraman was able to get one and used it in Return of Ultraman. Watches with mystery, such as sinn replica Tintin, are my favorite. Watches that tell a story.

1968 sinn replica ref. ST 145.012–67 with an orange chrono hand, which collectors have given the nickname: The Ultraman. (Image: omegawatches.com).

I don't know if you are undervalued. To be truthful, I don't follow the market price mania. It's about the watch, not its market value. I find that it's more about the watch than the market value.u-boat replica watches The original Ultraman's price is still reasonable - but only if it can be proven that it was made in Orange - compared to other models which have gone up in value in recent years.

Which sinn replica site is your favorite, other than Fratello's?

Moonwatch Only's books are amazing. This is a great resource for sinn replica enthusiasts. sinn replica101 has a wealth of information about vintage sinn replica models. If I need more information, I go to the Omega museum or archives. I enjoy reading old articles on Chronomaddox. This archive contains all publications by Chuck Maddox. Although some of the information is outdated, Chuck was a pioneer for many others.

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