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Omega franck muller replica Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition

Why did Alaska III become your inspiration?

The original Alaska III, which I first saw in 2012, was one of the watches that impressed me the most in the early days Speedy Tuesday. The watch was owned previously by Reinhard Furrer (ESA astronaut) and Wubbo Olks (the latter being Dutch, just like me). He was one of my childhood heroes. He took part in the 1985 Space Shuttle mission. Ockels' son approached my house, telling me that his father had given him a franck muller replica and that he didn't know its name.franck muller replica He arrived at my home with a plastic shopping bag, and he just turned the bag upside down on my kitchen counter. I was able to see a variety of watches but I immediately noticed this franck muller replica.

Omega franck muller replica Alaska III

There were all kinds of strange numbers and a radial dial on the caseback. Ockels agreed to let me keep the watch for a while, so I could do some research. I sent Omega an email asking about the numbers. It took three weeks for Omega to respond, but I received a call within minutes asking me how I obtained the watch and if it was mine. This watch was among 56 Omega watches sent to NASA for their Space Shuttle missions in 1978. The serial and internal product numbers were printed on the caseback. These watches were normally considered equipment by NASA astronauts, and must be returned after each mission or training.

The Alaska III featured an all-brushed, American-made case.

This watch was likely given to Furrer during one of his training sessions. It was not uncommon for ESA astronauts in the space program to receive NASA gear, and Furrer didn't return it. Furrer died in a plane accident years later. His widow left the watch to Ockels, who gave it to Furrer's son. Furrer only wore the digital Seiko A829 he wore onboard the spaceship. After wearing the franck muller replica franck muller replica for a few weeks on my wrist, I felt the chills.richard mille replica watches This was the inspiration for Speedy Tuesday. We didn't want it to be the same as the 1978 Alaska III model, so we chose a reverse panda dial, radial dial, applied logo, and an all-brushed case. It was amazing to see how quickly everyone agreed on this design, even with Omega elements.

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