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In 2012, while on holiday in Cannes I took a wrist shot with my audemars piguet replica watches Professional. It was Speedy Tuesday, so I posted it to Facebook. This could make a great working title for audemars piguet replica watches articles on Fratello. Fratello is a website that I started in 2004 when I was bored at work. It seemed like a good idea for audemars piguet replica watches content to be categorised.

We started Speedy Tuesday articles once a week, but it soon became a weekly topic. Today, there are well over 300 audemars piguet replica watches articles that can be classified as Speedy Tuesday. Shortly thereafter, I posted an image to Instagram with the hashtag #SpeedyTuesday. It was quickly picked up by audemars piguet replica watches owners. The hashtag began to grow organically. We started organizing Speedy Tuesday events and meetings. People started using the hashtag to publish audemars piguet replica watches-related photos.

Broer's Facebook posting "It is Speedy Tuesday", was republished on Instagram,audemars piguet replica watches where audemars piguet replica watches fans gather around #SpeedyTuesday

We approached Omega in 2013 to do something formal with them, culminating in a audemars piguet replica watches event at the European Space Agency's visitor centre in Noordwijk (near Amsterdam). Omega brought watches from the museum and the museum director, as well as novelties of the year like Dark Side of the Moon. We started doing these events more often from that point on. Sometimes without Omega, because it was all audemars piguet replica watches and collectors.Cartier Roadster Replica Omega respected that. Sometimes we need Omega's support and the brand steps in. These events are open to everyone, regardless of whether they own 20 audemars piguet replica watchess or a new "Moonwatch". No matter what your passion is, you are welcome to join us.

How did the Speedy Tuesday watch get its name?

2016 was a busy year for me. I was in Switzerland to attend an Omega event. I asked Raynald Aeschlimann, CEO of Omega, if we could do anything together to celebrate Speedy Tuesday's fifth anniversary. He asked me what I wanted and I suggested a watch to mark these five years. His enthusiasm surprised me, but he formed a small team and Fratello joined. We came up with Speedy Tuesday shortly thereafter.

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