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For Coils :

Step 1 : Bare Coils After Weighting is given Stickers on surface having Net Weight, Coil No, Packet No & Size.

Step 2 : Then the coils is wrapped with Stretch Wrap Poly film with Nos of Silica Gel on ID of Coils touching core of the coil.

Step 3 : Paper Edge Guard is given on "OUTER DIA" and "INNER DIA" of coils to protect from any external Damage.

Step 4 : Coil is warped with HDPE Poly Printed with MANAKSIA Logo.

Step 5 : Hard Board is given on Outer Layer of Coils as shown in photographs.

Step 6 : Then the Coil is made Eye-to-Sky or Eye to the walls and fix on wooden pallets as required by Customer.

Two stickers with details of Materials is pasted on surface of packed coils.

For Sheets :

All sheets after shorting is stacked on wooden pallets giving first transparent poly at the bottom layer of the sheets. Then VCI paper sheets with is Laminated with HDPE woven poly and at last layer hard Board.